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Rijeka - the Rhythm of the City

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Tourist Information Centre

Korzo 14 / 51000 Rijeka
Tel: +385 (0)51 335 882

Working hours:
Winter period (January 1 - June 3 / September 16 - December 31) Monday – Friday from 8 am until 7.30 pm, Saturdays and holidays from 8 am until 1.30 pm / Summer period (June 4 – September 15) Monday – Saturday from 8 am until 8 pm, Sundays and holidays from 8 am until 2 pm / Closed on January 1, November 1 and December 25

Trsat Castle Info point

Partizanski put 9A, Rijeka
+385 51 217 714

Working hours:
Winter period (January 1-June 11 / September 17-December 31) every day from 9 am until 5 pm / Summer period (June 12–September 16) every day from 9 am until 8 pm / Closed on January 1, November 1 and December 25

Rijeka - the Rhythm of the City

Rijeka is a city of rich history and dynamic present, new perspectives and the joy of life. Alongside its newly acquired benefits as a tourist centre that has escaped from its former image of a port and industrial city, it adds old ones as well – excellent connections by road, boat, rail or plane, both as a means of arrival and as a starting point for new journeys.

In the historical image of the city, from prehistory and the Gothic, and then the baroque Rijeka and the strong influences of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, centuries have been deposited and each and every one of them has left its mark in its architecture, creating an interesting city nucleus rich in historical monuments.

Trsat, a part of Rijeka, is a very special place for citizens of Rijeka and their guests, as the oldest Croatian Marian shrine and a destination for many religious people, including the Holy Father John Paul II. in 2003.

Rijeka has a rich history, yet is not its slave. Instead it pulsates with a dynamic rhythm of everyday life, which you can feel in the best way in the very centre of the city, on the always vibrant central promenade, Korzo. You sit and people, images and events are passing by...

But even when the lights go out and many cities go silent, Rijeka lives intensely in cafes and restaurants with excellent gastronomic offers and, of course, in clubs where the party goes on until late at night for young people.

Rijeka's calendar of events is overflowing throughout the year so regardless of the season, guests will find interesting and attractive music, drama, art ... performances, as well as urban clubs for the younger generations that offer their kind of entertainment. Together with the traditional but always interesting summer events program, manifestations such as Rijeka Summer Nights (Riječke ljetne noći, Summer at Gradina (Ljeto na Gradini) and others will definitely occupy your attention as well. Visitors of all generations to the aforementioned events will enjoy a rich program of drama, music and art performances prepared by the most famous artists from Croatia and around the world.

However, Rijeka lives intensely on its coast with its beautiful beaches. Exploring the city via planned walking routes or bicycle trails is also interesting.

Rijeka, to put it simply, has many faces - all of them are interesting and seductive and all of them are meant for you.


„Distribute That! – Distribute This!“, educational programme

01.06.2019 - 31.12.2019

various locations

D'annunzio's Martyr / L'olocausta di D'annunzio, exhibition

12.09.2019 - 29.02.2020

The Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka